Things To Avoid During Grand Canyon Rafting Tours

Rafting experience can be memorable if you know what to add and what to delete. Just like there are essential things to pack during a raft journey there are things to avoid as well. Many tourists during their Grand Canyon rafting tours may be tempted to carry things that may not be of any use but unnecessary luggage. Most would be tempted to carry a blanket. The nights do not get cold enough for a blanket, and this goes against the packing items. So in case you want to carry one, think twice. It is best to leave them back. Hiker shoes may not be necessary while on a rafting trip. Just pack keens to go with and simple sandals for the night. Many think that hiker shoes may come handy while on the side canyons, but actually there may not be a need as it only occupies space.

If you ever intend to pack sunglasses think twice as it would be of no purpose especially with the brimmed hat and rain gear and jacket. In most cases, a hood covering the ear is suggested, and sunglasses become evitable. Moreover with the bounces of the raft wearing a sunglass could only cause inconvenience. Therefore, it is better to leave it behind. Smart Phones are another no. If you want to take some amazing pictures, it is best to carry a camera instead of a Smartphone. There is a definite threat to Smartphone in the form of water and sand. Moreover, the batteries would last longer as you expect it to be.

Smartphone are used to connect with the outside world, especially with GPS. But in the Grand Canyon with no network available this facility cannot be availed. A Smartphone could only be a liability while rafting in the Grand Canyon and is best avoided. Many pack solar charger for backing camera batteries. Solar chargers are bulky and instead of packing them opt for fully charged batteries as they are compact and easy to carry.

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